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One More Bite Pin-up Journal Adorned with a vintage retro curvy pinup girl, this journal is sure to be perfect for all of your summer stories! Keeping a diary is not.

Eric King is a teacher with 19 years of experience at the high school level. He is certified in, and has taught, English, all aspects of social studies, special.

For centuries women have been marginalized and overlooked in American literary history. That injustice is corrected in this entertaining and provocative.

common source of trouble, but as it is necessary that one's pet takes its walks A dog, which has been fed as directed in this book, will not be fussy or dainty in its it is not likely to have much the matter with it, and a chill may be the cause.

Vintage Games takes us through gaming's evolution one exemplary game at a time. Charting The book is smart and fun—much like the games it addresses.