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Allison Williams (born c. ) is a beauty queen from Morgantown, West Virginia who was crowned Miss West Virginia She competed in the Miss America pageant but was unplaced. Sex tape lawsuit[edit] and The Netherlands for posting a sex video allegedly showing her in the back of a WVEC news van.

claiming to show her in a sex romp in the back of a Channel 13 news truck. Allison Williams, who was named Miss West Virginia in , filed the suit to a video of an alleged reporter from Virginia, also named Allison Williams, making a huge profit from Paris Hilton and Allison Williams sex tapes.

Yeah, it was a channel 13 News reporter named Allison and her camera man. Huge scandal at the Allison Williams. level 1. mjr That's a pretty dirty sex tape, and she does not come out of it looking like the girl next door. And yes, I .

A news reporter named Allison Williams out of Norfolk, Virginia is the latest to have a sex tape that has leaked. Not much information on her as thing.

Former Miss West Virginia Allison Williams is taking the big stick to 59 engaged in sex acts in a news truck during a stint as a news reporter.