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Rough Rider Studded Condoms feature raised studs to offer maximum sensation and excitement. Hundreds of raised studs to offer maximum sensation and excitement. Latex condoms are intended to prevent pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and other STIs.

Things can go bad when life is rough, but when your condoms are rough, that's not so bad after all. Let Rough Rider Studded Condoms turn up the heat between you and your partner. Contempo Rough Rider condoms are a fantastic alternative to pricier ribbed options, because although.

Contempo Rough Rider condoms, studded, lubricated, textured for more excitement and pleasure. If you’re looking for traction, this is the condom for you. Contempo Rough Rider condoms features row after row of studded pleasure, the Rough Rider is sure to give you more bumps for the.

Rough Rider Studded condoms are studded for folks who like a bumpier ride. This high quality condom is lubricated and has a reservoir tip. Formerly Contempo.

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