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A snarky L. Brooks Patterson responded to claims he wants Detroit's most prized public jewels by saying he was after a councilwoman's crown and a gigantic downtown sculpture of boxer Joe Louis' fist. The veteran councilwoman has been known to wear a tiara to public meetings.

L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County's chief executive, has declared . He marked the death of Coleman Young—Detroit's first black mayor . Patterson said that he wanted to show me the airport, which had just been rebuilt.

Longtime Oakland County executive L. Brooks Patterson was mourned in Troy. when Patterson was first elected to the county's top political office. Patterson never wanted to micromanage his subordinates, Bertolini said.

L. Brooks Patterson said he's not angry at God. In his first sitdown interview since the diagnosis, Patterson said he's not intimidated by the disease, I want it to be recognized that I didn't go out of here screaming and crying.

Forest Milzow says the first time he met L. Brooks Patterson, his friend of more than 40 years, was comical. "(Patterson) was defending the.