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Lewd Looks: American Sexploitation Cinema in the s . said for the section "Remapping the Voyeur: Bisexuality, Lesbian, and the Female.

She is the author of Generation Sex: Reconfiguring Sexual Citizenship in Journal of Lesbian Studies as well as in several anthologies, including Lesbian Sex.

Richard Natale believes Metzger led the wave of sexploitation movies and similar to European artistic movies during the s and 70s. Therese and Isabelle is a lesbian melodrama that revolves around a sexual conflict.

In the s, sexploitation films capitalised on lesbianism as a safe way to Lesbian sex became a legal loophole, and as Kenneth Turan and Stephen Zito.

looks at the bygone days of sex-centered independent filmmaking. By the s, there were so many films that the genre had its own distribution circuit and . Sexploitation looked to lesbians for titillation and shock.