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I'm now going to spend as much time concluding this introduction as I He is the ass-man, a maverick who celebrates all things rotund and.

I love to pick 'em - And i'm gonna kick em. Cause I'm an assman - Yeaahh - I'm an assman. Yes I'm an assman - Ohh oh oh. I'm an assman. So many asses - So.

Billy Gunn Thought He Was Gay The First Time He Listened To "Ass Man" The Ass Man song is one of the catchiest and crudest tunes in WWE history. And Gunn had a surprising reaction I think I'm gay.' Not that there's.

And I'm gonna kick um 'Cause I'm an Ass Man Yeah I'm an Ass Man Yes I'm Ass Man ASS! I'm an Ass Man! So many asses. So little time. A little tight one can.

Ass Man (Billy Gunn) I'm an ass man Yeah I'm an ass man YEAH! I love to love ' em I love to kick 'em I love to shove 'em I love to stick 'em Love to flaunt 'e.