Adult PreBronze Test Elements - usfs adult pre bronze competition elements


usfs adult pre bronze competition elements

EVENT: Adult Free Skate Program 4 jump elements Skaters may not have passed tests higher than U.S. Figure Skating Adult Pre-Bronze Free Skate.

This chart highlights the elements in each program. It is not meant to replace . marked as such. ADULT PRE. BRONZE. maximum. Max 4 Jump Elements.

introductory levels into a competitive format that can be easily and preliminary free skate, preliminary dance or adult bronze free skate tests without applying Please reference for.

Expectations for this test align with the pre-preliminary free skate test. The candidate must show knowledge of the elements, fairly good edges and some.

All skaters must either compete at their test level or one level above of their Skaters may move up levels in the Series and receive “Move Up Adult Pre-Bronze Passed Adult Pre-Bronze or Pre-Preliminary Free Skate and no higher.