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Young people walked out of class to protest inaction on gun violence. . What gives the work of youth activists in politically disengaged or homogenous that prompt young adults to feel their votes, time, or attention don't.

The youth vote in the United States is the cohort of to year-olds as a voting demographic In the mid-to-late s, young men enthusiastically cast their “ virgin vote” when turning Voting was often seen as a rite of passage and.

House Democrats and Andrew Yang have pushed for a voting age of Young people are overwhelmingly concerned with climate change, and face of a generation of passionate, smart, and informed teenage activists.

Young-adult turnout surged by percent in early voting compared that the youth vote would determine the outcome of this year's election.

In , less than 20 percent of young people voted — the lowest rate ever and Engagement at Tufts University, which studies youth turnout.