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Breeders of Persian Cats & Kittens / Exotic Short Hair Cats and Kittens At this time we have no retired adult Persian Cats or Exotic persian Cats for sale.

CFA registered Himalayan and Persian cattery. Extreme and dollface kittens. Retiring adults will be found on the available adult page when I have them.

Collywobbles Persian Cattery is a premier breeder of Silver and Golden Persian cats ***Our retired adults come with the same guarantees as listed above.

My Exotic Furs Retired - Adult Exotic & Persian Cats that we have available We are a "Cage-less" cattery and all our cats have free range of the entire home.

At Crayola Cats Cattery we have bred award winning persians in a rainbow of Kittens for adoption most of the time and also some young adults that i retire at.