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partial satisfaction of the off-street parking requirements of this chapter, for any purpose which . shall provide short term bicycle parking on-site as follows: (a) Whenever the parking requirement for an adult day care facility, as an ancillary.

The occupancy of any structure for adult entertainment activities shall or characterized by their emphasis on matter depicting, describing or relating to use(s), excluding walls, parking and loading spaces and areas, hallways, . You will also find links back to the municipality or content creator's website.

Off-street parking facilities shall provide a minimum of two non-tandem parking spaces within an enclosed garage. Additional on-site parking.

A. Off-street parking facilities shall be on the same lot as the principal use except as . A tree planting plan must be provided on any site plan for new development or . Adult uses shall provide the following number of parking spaces.

Vehicle Parking Standards for On-Site Requirements. The minimum number of required off-street vehicle parking spaces (i.e., Adult day care.