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After 40 years in business -- many of them fighting for the legal right to stay open -- the owner of Medusa's Adult World is leaving on his own terms. The video, book and novelty store at N. Madison St. will close sometime in the next month or two, said owner Al Tannahill.

Medusa, in zoology, one of two principal body types occurring in members of the The other principal body type of the adult cnidarian is the polyp, a stalked.

Digital illustration of life cycle of Jellyfish showing Medusa mobile the life cycle of a jellyfish, all the way from fertilized egg to full-grown adult.

Jellyfish and sea jellies are the informal common names given to the medusa- phase of certain .. These are free-swimming precursors of the adult medusa stage, which is the life stage that is typically identified as a jellyfish. The ephyrae .

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