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Treatment outcomes for tinea capitis in a skin of color population. african american adult tinea capitis

Seventy-nine cases of tinea capitis were identified. Nine (%) were adults, 7 of whom were African American women, who were an average of 46 years old.

BACKGROUND: Tinea capitis periodically undergoes demographic shifts in and therapeutic data was conducted for children and young adults (0 to 18 years of diagnosis of tinea capitis were identified% male, % African-American .

Tinea Capitis is a scalp fungus known as ringworm of the scalp. African American and Hispanic children are most often affected. If you are an adult, your doctor may check blood work before starting you on an antifungal oral medication to.

Tinea capitis is a common cutaneous fungal infection in US school children, but adults may be carriers of tinea pathogens in the scalp. However, few cases of.

Tinea capitis, which is characterized by scalp scaling, pruritus, and hair such as hair loss, black dots, and scaling may be subtler in adults.